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All I can say is …..      that’s right. I’m speechless. ULHS  was held in New Orleans this year. It was my first time there and I had a blast. New Orleans is a wild city. I had always wondered about going to Mardis Gras, but after seeing what Bourbon Street is like on a regular […]

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Hot Rhythm Ball Recap Video

One thing I forgot to explain is that the dance I attended, Hot Rhythm Ball, was in essence a one-night event advertisement for a dance weekend the organizers are planning to put on next year — Hot Rhythm Holiday Their site contains a video recap of the evening:

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Hot Rhythm Ball

Last night Brooks and I decided to take a break from unpacking and go to this dance that we had heard was happening. It didn’t seem like it would be a huge event or anything (and it wasn’t), but it wasn’t a regularly scheduled Austin dance either. We had heard the band would be good […]

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Done, and done

Swingtime in the Rockies was our final stop on this trip and we are now back home in Atlanta. Swingtime was fun. It was my first competition event this year (yeah, I’ve been lame and not really traveling). In fact, I felt so out of sorts that I was nervous about competing again. Well, I […]

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Blues Weekend – Lindy Hop Reward

We’ve been in Portland about 4 days now but haven’t seen much more than the Waterfront Blues Festival downtown. It’s been keeping Eric preoccupied this weekend and I don’t blame him. Last night there was a fireworks display over the river to celebrate the 4th of July. We had great seats (the barge where the […]

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I ♥ Stompology

Stompology is one of my favorite — not to be missed — events of the year. And this year, its fourth year running, I almost missed it! Then, the week of the event, I impulsively booked a flight up to Rochester for the week. And I’m so glad I did! This year had new teachers […]

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Funk be gone

My last post was all about how I’m stuck in a dance rut. Well… I feel like myself again – unruttified (yes, I know that’s not a real word). Last weekend I was in Cleveland, OH teaching at Sparx with my dance partner, Carl Nelson, along with Joe and Nelle from Denver, and Max and […]

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In a Funk

I love dancing… but something has been keeping me from really enjoying it the same way I used to lately. I haven’t felt very inspired. In fact, I’ve been feeling as though every dance I’ve been having was the worst possible dance I could give to my lead at that moment. Is it me? Is […]

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Hop Shop and RIOB

I haven’t posted anything new in a while, and I have attended a couple events since – Hop Shop, and Rhythm Is Our Business – and I just wanted to briefly recap the aspects of those weekends that were most memorable to me. Hop Shop: This event was the brain-child of my friend Sosh, and […]

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Lindy Focus = Lindy Awesome

So, I recently got back form Lindy Focus, a week-long-ish camp/competition event in Asheville, NC, and while I initially meant to write a nice long post with lots of details and such — I won’t. I want to, but can’t. Everything is blurring together in my mind and I only have a few words to […]

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