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Done, and done

Swingtime in the Rockies was our final stop on this trip and we are now back home in Atlanta. Swingtime was fun. It was my first competition event this year (yeah, I’ve been lame and not really traveling). In fact, I felt so out of sorts that I was nervous about competing again. Well, I […]

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I ♥ Stompology

Stompology is one of my favorite — not to be missed — events of the year. And this year, its fourth year running, I almost missed it! Then, the week of the event, I impulsively booked a flight up to Rochester for the week. And I’m so glad I did! This year had new teachers […]

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Hop Shop and RIOB

I haven’t posted anything new in a while, and I have attended a couple events since – Hop Shop, and Rhythm Is Our Business – and I just wanted to briefly recap the aspects of those weekends that were most memorable to me. Hop Shop: This event was the brain-child of my friend Sosh, and […]

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Lindy Focus = Lindy Awesome

So, I recently got back form Lindy Focus, a week-long-ish camp/competition event in Asheville, NC, and while I initially meant to write a nice long post with lots of details and such — I won’t. I want to, but can’t. Everything is blurring together in my mind and I only have a few words to […]

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Hot Rhythm Rising

Yay! Patrick posted a video of our team’s award winning performance at ULHS!

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ULHS – Day Three

Oh snap!   We won. The day started out with competitors for the showcase and team divisions arriving early at the venue for a run-through/practice.  Once that was done the other event attendants were allowed into the venue and we began with the team competition. There were only two teams. Hot Rhythm Rising, and Keep ‘Em […]

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ULHS – Day Two

Holy frickin’ crap! So yesterday were three competitions — slow tempo strictly (Freedom), fast tempo strictly (Liberation), and the Endurance competition (where you nearly literally dance till you drop). OK, so the prelims…  Sometime earlier in the afternoon were the prelims for the Freedom and Liberation comps. The slow prelims were nice and mellow. The […]

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ULHS – Day One (and a half)

I, along with most of Hot Rhythm Rising, left Atlanta sometime Thursday afternoon. As for the flight– I’ll just say it was uneventful as far as flights go (which is a good thing) and we had a lot of fun thanks to some mini drinks Sosh brought along. We got to MInneapolis and headed over […]

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ULHS starts tomorrow!!!

I have been looking forward to this event for a very very long time. Every year I’d look forward to the weeks following ULHS for the new and inspiring videos from the event’s competitions that were sure to be posted online. And every year I promisied myself I’d one day get to be there. Well, […]

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Southern Belle Swing Bash

*If the following post is somewhat incomprehensible, it’s because I’m also listening to the current Yehoodi Talk Show episode and I’m somewhat distracted* This weekend was Southern Belle Swing Bash here in Atlanta. Some of you might remember, this event was my first trip to Atlanta a year ago. The whole weekend was as fun […]

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