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Sewing is awesome!

How did I not realize this sooner?! Being rather um, petite, I grew up with my mom or aunt or some other female relative hemming my new pants, dresses, and whatever else I may have so that it fit me better, and mainly, didn’t drag on the ground. I sort of learned some basics. I’ve […]

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Retail Heaven

So this morning I got up and did my usual thing. And there was a blog post by Indiana Adams of That’s kinda normal. She updates her blog regularly. Always a fun read, and usually some useful info about where to find secret gems here in Austin at affordable prices (which I definitely appreciate […]

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Yet another redesign…

Yes, I felt it was due. Sometimes, (and this may just be me being all girly-like) I just need to update the look of this thing to help in writing- inspiration. The new banner photo (yes, it’s me) is part of the Austin Swing Syndicate’s “Sweethearts of the Syndicate” pin-up calendar. It is a fundraising […]

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Mac Mini Love!

I just picked up my new Mac Mini today. If you haven’t heard, my poor old lappy has been on the way out — doing things like not being able to play flash stuff and overheating, and crashing up to 8 times a day even! It’s getting replaced with a new Macbook Pro when the […]

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Thursday Nights are the Best!

I love being in Austin. And last night was awesome. The Fed had a great DJ lineup for the night: Heather, Brooks, and Mike. So much fun dancing. But the night wasn’t over then. Some of my favorite musicians were playing at East Side Showroom till 2am. So we went, and danced like mad. Here’s […]

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Just your average Thursday night…

Except it wasn’t! For those who don’t know, Thursday night is Austin’s usual weekly dance night over at the Fed. It’s usually a pretty good time. But tonight was a particularly amazing night, at least for me. Allow me to explain… Sometimes a lot of dances means I’m having a really good night. But, me […]

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Our new friend, Wingy

We brought home our new little friend on Friday. Her name is Wingy. She’s a shorthair orange tabby with little white feet. And I swear, she’s got the sweetest little face, and the loudest purr. So far, she’s enjoyed squeezing herself into many surprisingly small spaces. Some, which I worried about – like the sofabed… […]

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I love… our apartment — it’s so cozy the friends we’ve made here — it’s great to hang out and talk about nothing/everything for hours dancing locally — people are so motivated and enthusiastic the live music — I could potentially go out and listen/dance to a sweet jazz band every night Basically, I’ve really […]

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We officially live in Austin now

We’ve been here a full week now and managed to get a lot done in that short amount of time. We found an apartment, and today, we moved our stuff in. It’s pretty exciting. I’m also really thrilled to be joining the folks over at The Lindy Project as well as a dedicated practice group. […]

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Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Austin

My apartment is empty and ready to welcome its new resident on Tuesday. Our stuff is in storage pods ready to be moved. We drive out in the morning. Exciting? Yes. Nerve racking? Yes.  I don’t think I’ll be totally at ease yet until we have found an apartment to move into in Austin. In […]

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