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I found someone who wants to rent the apartment. She wants to move in Sept. 1st. So I’ll be moving, leaving Atlanta, in about a week.  Goodbye Georgia.

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Done, and done

Swingtime in the Rockies was our final stop on this trip and we are now back home in Atlanta. Swingtime was fun. It was my first competition event this year (yeah, I’ve been lame and not really traveling). In fact, I felt so out of sorts that I was nervous about competing again. Well, I […]

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Went to a coffeehouse tonight (Flipnotics). They pretty much had the best band ever jamming out there tonight. They played every style from gypsy jazz to old time surf rock. I only wish there was actually room to dance to the swing-able tunes. Moments of note: 1. The waltz. They played a waltz in a […]

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Last Day by the Bay

Today was a pretty chill last day. Our friend Sophie came over in the late afternoon and we headed over to the Mission (another neighborhood) to wander around for a bit and then go hear Gaucho (a favorite gypsy jazz band).  I found some tasty bubble tea too (except they had run out of tapioca […]

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The Haight and the Castro

Today we went back to the Haight to get my money back for that missing Wingy Manone CD. They don’t do refunds at Amoeba Music so we exchanged it for some Stuff Smith (sweetness!).  On the walk back we also stopped in at a random shoe store. Brooks and I both got new green shoes! […]

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We went to walk around the Haight, a neighborhood nearby that borders a portion of Golden Gate Park. I liked it. It felt like walking around  Little 5 Points. We went to this sweet music store, where I got an Eddie Condon CD and a Wingy Manone CD I was really excited about. Sadly, when […]

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San Francisco

So, just before we left Portland we got a call from our friend Rich (from San Francisco), saying they needed a last minute DJ for that night’s 9:20 Special because Manu, who was scheduled to DJ that night, could no longer make it. Somehow I wound up filling that position. Roger picked us up from […]

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Last Days in Stumptown (Portland)

Yesterday we took it fairly easy. We hiked through the woods up a hill (more or less) to the farmers market at OHSU (Oregon Heath & Science University). There’s a vendor there that sells something I can only describe as a sushi triangle. It’s a triangle-oid of rice, with some sort of flavored filler (fish, […]

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Cool Findings

Powell’s Books: Eric took us to this (there’s no other word for it) ginormous used bookstore in downtown Portland today called Powell’s Books.  The main store location takes up a whole city block and is about four stories tall. Inside, the place was a maze. I kept getting lost. I did find two books Ive […]

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Blues Weekend – Lindy Hop Reward

We’ve been in Portland about 4 days now but haven’t seen much more than the Waterfront Blues Festival downtown. It’s been keeping Eric preoccupied this weekend and I don’t blame him. Last night there was a fireworks display over the river to celebrate the 4th of July. We had great seats (the barge where the […]

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