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Making a Dress

Most of my friends know how I”ve been getting into tailoring my own clothes lately, and learning what I can about sewing. Well, Thanks to my friend Teni being just as enthusiastic, I’ve started making my first dress. I have a pattern, and I hope the end product turns out as cute as I hope […]

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Black Swan

Yes, I know I’m a bit late to this party, but I finally saw this movie, and I must state just how much I loved it. After being informed that it was from the same director that brought us Pi, and Requiem for a Dream, it made perfect sense. He did brilliant work with this […]

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Yet another redesign…

Yes, I felt it was due. Sometimes, (and this may just be me being all girly-like) I just need to update the look of this thing to help in writing- inspiration. The new banner photo (yes, it’s me) is part of the Austin Swing Syndicate’s “Sweethearts of the Syndicate” pin-up calendar. It is a fundraising […]

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Cat Annoys Sleeping Guy All Night [video]

I feel like Wingy is very much like this cat, if not worse. Cat Annoys Sleeping Guy All Night – Pogpog.

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Lie To Me

First I want to thank Scott for turning me onto this awesome show.  Thanks Scott! I think I might be obsessed now. I was on my way to Scott’s to plan today’s class listening to an old RadioLab episode about deception. And at one point on the show they were interviewing a man who’s basically […]

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A Step Forward?

Spotted these at Target the other day. Is this a tep in a positive direction for Barbie? Yay for promoting girls having a career but then I noticed how traditionally feminine the career dolls were. A school teacher? A nurse? I hope they have other career dolls like scientist, architect, or stock broker Barbie. I […]

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Mac Mini Love!

I just picked up my new Mac Mini today. If you haven’t heard, my poor old lappy has been on the way out — doing things like not being able to play flash stuff and overheating, and crashing up to 8 times a day even! It’s getting replaced with a new Macbook Pro when the […]

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Our new friend, Wingy

We brought home our new little friend on Friday. Her name is Wingy. She’s a shorthair orange tabby with little white feet. And I swear, she’s got the sweetest little face, and the loudest purr. So far, she’s enjoyed squeezing herself into many surprisingly small spaces. Some, which I worried about – like the sofabed… […]

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Paranormal Activity

Have you seen this movie?  (Paranormal Activity). Well, if you like scary movies, and haven’t seen it yet, you should do so as soon as possible. But don’t watch it alone. It’s actually scary. I haven’t been this frazzled by a scary movie since I was around 7 years old and hid in my parents’ […]

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is an awesome awesome book. I’m learning a lot.   😀

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