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Stompology 5

Every year, I write my words or praise over Stompology… and this year is no different. Why?  A bunch of reasons: 1. Rochester. I spent 6 years of my life there and made some really great friends. All of whom I get to see again when I go back. It feels like going home. 2. […]

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Thursday Nights are the Best!

I love being in Austin. And last night was awesome. The Fed had a great DJ lineup for the night: Heather, Brooks, and Mike. So much fun dancing. But the night wasn’t over then. Some of my favorite musicians were playing at East Side Showroom till 2am. So we went, and danced like mad. Here’s […]

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Just your average Thursday night…

Except it wasn’t! For those who don’t know, Thursday night is Austin’s usual weekly dance night over at the Fed. It’s usually a pretty good time. But tonight was a particularly amazing night, at least for me. Allow me to explain… Sometimes a lot of dances means I’m having a really good night. But, me […]

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Went to a coffeehouse tonight (Flipnotics). They pretty much had the best band ever jamming out there tonight. They played every style from gypsy jazz to old time surf rock. I only wish there was actually room to dance to the swing-able tunes. Moments of note: 1. The waltz. They played a waltz in a […]

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Blues Weekend – Lindy Hop Reward

We’ve been in Portland about 4 days now but haven’t seen much more than the Waterfront Blues Festival downtown. It’s been keeping Eric preoccupied this weekend and I don’t blame him. Last night there was a fireworks display over the river to celebrate the 4th of July. We had great seats (the barge where the […]

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I Love Live Jazz

Today was nice and relaxing overall. We slept in, went for a walk, got some coffee (yum!) and got NY style pizza (double-yum!). Later on we walked from Capitol Hill (where we’re staying) to Pioneer Square to go to a bar called the New Orleans. They had their house band playing some some sweet trad […]

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A Very Brief Update

I went to a college-town dive bar on Friday night and had a killer Mai Tai (still felt it the next morning). The Olympia Dixieland Jazz Festival on Saturday was frickin’ sweet! I wish more dancers would have come out. The music was fantastic. Met some cool Seattle and Portland dancers there too. Went to […]

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One Leg Up

So Thursday night Brooks and I went to hear this band he heard once before, One Leg Up. They’re a gypsy jazz band from Asheville, NC and they are AWESOME! They were playing a free town something or other in Decatur and Brooks and I turned out to be the only dancers there. We began […]

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Fletcher Henderson is THE MAN

So Brooks shared some new music he got with me which included a whole ton of Fletcher Henderson. I swear, It’s like I’m newly in love with jazz. I started going through my newly attained music – rating it for future DJing purposes and putting in the bpm count per song. But that quickly just […]

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Gypsy Jazz rocks my socks

So last night after Brooks got back from work we went to hear Gaucho, a gypsy jazz band performing at a total dive bar in hippy-ville. It was awesome. There were two guitarists, a percussionist, an accordion player, bassist, and an “I play everything” guy. The drummer was awesome. At one point he played the […]

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