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Just like Madeline

Just because I am so in love with the outfit I am wearing tonight. I feel like a grown up version of Madeline (cartoon about a little French girl in Paris). Basically, dressing up is fun!

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Making a Dress

Most of my friends know how I”ve been getting into tailoring my own clothes lately, and learning what I can about sewing. Well, Thanks to my friend Teni being just as enthusiastic, I’ve started making my first dress. I have a pattern, and I hope the end product turns out as cute as I hope […]

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Sewing is awesome!

How did I not realize this sooner?! Being rather um, petite, I grew up with my mom or aunt or some other female relative hemming my new pants, dresses, and whatever else I may have so that it fit me better, and mainly, didn’t drag on the ground. I sort of learned some basics. I’ve […]

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Retail Heaven

So this morning I got up and did my usual thing. And there was a blog post by Indiana Adams of That’s kinda normal. She updates her blog regularly. Always a fun read, and usually some useful info about where to find secret gems here in Austin at affordable prices (which I definitely appreciate […]

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I think I’ll have to restrain myself to make sure I really want / should get them… but … Damn, these are cute! Chelsea Crew Nico Green Perforated Dancers Heel – $64.00.

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