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Rock-out Tuesday

Today was sweet. Caroline and I had a fun drive to a nearby town and went vintage-ing. We got lost a bit on the way there and back. Ended up at the same place both times and didn’t even know it. I guess you had to be thereĀ  :-p Matt Glyn came to visit Caroline […]

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Monday in Maryland

I got to Caroline’s at about 4-ish this afternoon. Spent the afternoon with her and her parents. It was a very lovely evening, which only got lovelier with some dancing. The Austin grill was a diner / bar type restaurant with the dancing going on in one area. Overall, it reminded me of the way […]

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Not in NYC

I’m visiting Caroline (near Baltimore) for a couple of days. We have some dancey things planned for tonight and tomorrow. Tonight we’ll be at the Austin Grill in Baltimore, and tomorrow night we’ll be at Jam Cellar in DC. I’m really excited about this. More to come. Yay! Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’ll be […]

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2007 SBSB – Showdown Finals

Woo! Someone finally posted the Southern Belle Jack and Jill Finals!

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Ellie & Me

IMG_4255, originally uploaded by D-Rod. Will took this picture of us at ALHC

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Ever feel like it’s time for a change? I get like this about once a year. My solution is to rearrange the furniture in my room. Works like a charm. I enjoy having a new workspace. Plus, it’s the ultimate way to go through all my stuff and sort out what I need and don’t […]

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Steven & Virginie

This past weekend was Steven & Virginie’s ten year anniversary workshop weekend in Rochester. It was quite amazing. I got to spend time with some good friends I don’t see too often, as well as I got to see Brooks again for the first time since Southern Belle. It was such a fun weekend. I […]

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