How old am I?

This first week of school I’ve been feeling so out of place — even at my own apartment. I’m no longer an undergrad, I haven’t been for a whole year. My roommates are all still in their undergrad programs, with their friends that are their age and in their programs. All my closest friends have graduated and gone long ago. Sure, I have friends here still, but these relationships don’t feel as close as my old ones. As much as I value my friendships with my dance friends (which are mostly the only ones left), I really miss that feeling I had hanging out with the other kids in my class two years ago, the people who knew me so well I didn’t feel judged at all. For some reason, I still don’t feel all like myself even around my roommates. It’s just strange because my environment hasn’t changed, I’m still at RIT, but then, it has changed… RIT is no longer the same. I want to leave and move on like my friends have. It’s time. I want to be someplace new. That’ll have to wait though. This is my last year here. Yup, six years is way too long to be in the same place.

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  1. Carl says:

    I understand the feeling. I spent two years at RIT, then left to another university and a whole new program. I’ve always felt older than most of my peer students since I changed programs and had to restart two years on. Now, I’m doing it again, that is taking some undergrad classes, already have my degree.

    Since I left RIT I don’t really have a group of school friends. I do miss it.

  2. Vicki Wilson says:

    That feeling of being left out or out of place is the worst feeling I had when I decided to go back to school. I always sit at the last sit in the row and I always go home early. I eat alone. I study alone. I’m just like a regular loner or outcast. Though, being this make me more focus on my study. I got topped on most of our exam because this the only thing I do is to study. It has some advantages and disadvantages, in the end it’s how you handle and cope up with it will matter.

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