Southern Belle Swing Bash

*If the following post is somewhat incomprehensible, it’s because I’m also listening to the current Yehoodi Talk Show episode and I’m somewhat distracted*

This weekend was Southern Belle Swing Bash here in Atlanta. Some of you might remember, this event was my first trip to Atlanta a year ago. The whole weekend was as fun this year as it was last year. I don’t really feel like going into too much detail right now. I’ll just say classes were a blast and so were the dances. Where last year dances were most memorable for me, this year it’s the classes that will best stay with me. What was different this year is that there were multiple level tracks for classes. I was in the masters level track and was really pleased to find that classes were challenging and really thought provoking. I love how some incredibly simple concepts can be really difficult to execute and get into your body. I loved Evita and Ramona’s Saturday classes most. They really made me work hard.

Friday night’s dance had a small performance showcase. I was in two of the fourperformances, Hot Rhythm Rising (team), and a charleston chorus line (a routine I choreographed with Gina and Natalie for the  AJDPS Gala). Blurry videos below:

Saturday night’s dance had two competitions -- a jack and jill and solo jazz comp. I had a lot of fun participating in htem and wound up winning first place in both. There are videos of that too…

The solo comp spotlights:

The Jack and Jill spotlight:

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  1. I left this on the youtube video too but I absolutely LOVE your facial expression after the one-handed roundoff in the j&j.

  2. Oh, and congrats. Forgot to add that 😉

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