Hop Shop and RIOB

I haven’t posted anything new in a while, and I have attended a couple events since – Hop Shop, and Rhythm Is Our Business – and I just wanted to briefly recap the aspects of those weekends that were most memorable to me.

Hop Shop:
This event was the brain-child of my friend Sosh, and presented a wonderful opportunity. Five teachers, 30-ish students. Groups of four, five, or six rotated through hour long sessions with each teacher enabling each student to get a somewhat private lesson with each. Such a fantastic idea. I personally find that one on one teaching has a much more profound and lasting effect on a student. And this goes for all fields of study, not just dance.

I wish I could have attended the full weekend and gotten input from all five teachers. But I attended Sunday classes and got to work with Laura Glaess and Andy Reid. It felt great to have new ideas and things pointed out that I could/should work on. Most things I had noticed on my own but didn’t know how to go about working on it. I got suggestions for that too. Did I mention I think this weekend was a great idea?

The only thing was, the next time I went out social dancing, I felt like my dancing was in a sense, broken. I sucked. Not because I got put down in any way, but because I was working on those small oh so subtle changes. Maybe I was too in my head.  And on to the next weekend….

Rhythm Is Our Business:
This was the following weekend in Knoxville, TN. The primary teachers this weekend were Naomi and Skye. I don’t know how to put this particular weekend into words. It was just a really really good time. And better yet, time in class rotation gave me the chance to really work on the things mentioned to me in the previous weekend. I had fun spending time with my friends and meeting new people and (I think my favorite part) hearing Skye and Naomi’s dance philosophies during class (Skye’s in particular). I love it when he starts rambling in class because he brings up so many excellent points that EVERYONE can benefit from hearing. Beginner dancers need to hear these concepts, and advanced dancers need to remember them. It was a great weekend, and Jason and Danielle did a great job putting it together. I should add that I thoroughly enjoyed the music at the dances too.

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