Blues Weekend – Lindy Hop Reward

We’ve been in Portland about 4 days now but haven’t seen much more than the Waterfront Blues Festival downtown. It’s been keeping Eric preoccupied this weekend and I don’t blame him. Last night there was a fireworks display over the river to celebrate the 4th of July. We had great seats (the barge where the fireworks were being launched was basically right in front of where we were sitting).

After the fireworks, along with a bunch of other dancers, went to get coffee. The neighborhood looked super cute. I want to go check that out once the festival is over. We all sat in the back room and played pictionary for a while. It was the first time I ever played… I liked it. Some clues are really hard to draw though.

After coffee we made our way to the late night dance for the night. I was happy to hear there were separate rooms set up for both Blues dancing and Lindy Hop (I bet you know which room Brooks and I were in). To top it off, the Lindy room held a DJ battle throughout the night. Two local DJ’s (Richard and Binky), and Chance (from New Orleans) duked it out spinning awesome tunes that made me with the room wasn’t so damn empty! The venue had a great floor and ambiance for a big dance. And I think at most, last night, I saw about 5 couples on the floor at a time. Either way, we danced till Brooks tore a hole in his pants and the sun came up. It was my favorite night of dancing in Portland so far.

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