Done, and done

Swingtime in the Rockies was our final stop on this trip and we are now back home in Atlanta.

Swingtime was fun. It was my first competition event this year (yeah, I’ve been lame and not really traveling). In fact, I felt so out of sorts that I was nervous about competing again. Well, I wound up getting 1st in the Advanced/All-star JnJ and from what I heard, 6th in the Invitational Strictly with Joe (apparently we were the alternates for finals? – heard from Nelle). Either way, I was feeling really comfortable with my dancing again by the end of the weekend and I was starting to feel creative again. I can’t wait for my next big event – ULHS.

Now that the trip was over we had come to the big decision. Where will we be moving to?  The winner is: Austin, TX. We most likely won’t be moving until the end of the Summer. Definitely waiting till I rent out my apartment first. I’m really excited about this though.

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  1. Matt says:

    Ooh, you could get RB to start swing dancing…

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