12th Annual Steven & Virginie in ROC

Ok, so I’m currently at the airport, it’s 5am, and haven’t yet slept tonight. This might be kinda nonsensical but I’m willing to take my chances.

I made the trip to Rochester this weekend for what may as well be considered Lindy Hop Church. Steven & Virginie’s workshop in Rochester has always left me bursting with new inspiration and a renewed if not magnified appreciation for the dance. But this year was beyond words. I don’t think it was anything the organizers (Groove Juice Swing) willed and worked to have happen (though I think organizers will always hope and work to do so). It just kind of happened. All the elements of a most epic weekend came together and BAM! We were all blown away. It’s Monday night / Tuesday morning after the workshop officially ended on Sunday afternoon and my heart is still bursting, and my brain is still scrambling to explain it. Since I obviously can’t, and it all won’t really make sense unless you were there to experience it, I’ll just give some highlights:

  • Steven and Malcolm singing with Gordon Webster and his band (which included many super talented musicians like Jesse Selengut and Matt Musselman) for about half the night. Each time they sang the room stopped dancing… it was too awesome to not give them our undivided attention. My favorite moment was when Steven sang Truckin’ using the horn mute as a megaphone.
  • The Sunday Musicality classes! We got to interact with the musicians in a new way, battling along to the music with another dancer, and then seeing Matt and Jesse (band members) duke it out on their horns.
  • The babies!  More and more dancers are growing up and starting families. This year we had three newborns in attendance (Virginie’s, Sylwia and Adrian’s, and the Fragmans’), and they were loved by all! So cute! Next year there will be four (Alex and Sarah, from Rochester, are expecting). I think Groove Juice will need to work some sort of daycare option into their registration package in the future.
  • The chance to catch up with old friends. People I haven’t seen in a loong time came to Rochester this weekend. It was nice to chat and catch up, dance with, and have a drink or two with them.
  • Late nights were energetic beyond belief. We were still kickin’ it with high energy jazz at 4am… 5am…. then the sun came up. I barely got any sleep over the weekend but I don’t care. It was worth it.

I know my friends over at Groove Juice will work to re-create the magic for next year. It’ll be hard, but between the organizers, the amazing instructors, and the motivated students, it just might happen. In the meantime, I am stoked for NE Girl Jam.

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    You are such a great piece of PR capital!

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