Lone Star Championships

My body still aches from this weekend. Man, Tena and Scott threw one hell of an event. Where should I begin with my praise?

The music?
So awesome! The bands were two different configurations of local Austin musicians, both which included Ryan Gould, John Doyle and Oliver Steck. I feel so lucky to be able to listen to these guys play regularly in town, and I’m even happier that people from out of town got to hear them and love them too. I hope this means I might get to hear them at other events outside of Austin in the future.  Ahh, but lets not forget the  DJ’s. They all did a great job of keeping the energy and flow of the dance going between the band sets, competitions, and at late nights. But, I’d like to particularly comment on how amazing Naomi’s choice of music was for all of the competitions. Not only was it to the benefit of the dancers competing, but for the audience watching. Well, maybe I can’t speak for others, but it definitely had me dancing along as I watched and cheered my head off.

How about the competitions?
Oh my goodness, the level of dancing at this event was incredible… at every division! The novice level competitors were so impressive, and most had been dancing only about a year! I wish I had had the guts to travel and compete when I had been dancing just a year. On the other side of the comp spectrum, and a more personal note – this was my first invitational division event. Being invited to compete in it felt like such an honor. I mean, me? dancing alongside Nina and Naomi?! I felt like I was waaayyy out of my league. Little fish, big pond – that sort of thing. So yes, I was crazy nervous. But as usual, once the music started, It was just fun! And everyone has been really encouraging and supportive, making me feel like I actually belonged up there.  Now, I want to go into an in-depth description of the Invitational JnJ, but I think it best if anyone interested in it just watch the video, because I am totally incoherent when it comes to that comp. It was beyond words.

And of course there was some late night jam band fun!
Albanie Falletta, another local musician showed up to the late nights, and she joined a few of the musicians who hung around after their gigs at the main dance in some jams. The Killer Dillers also joined in the fun with some singing, dancing, piano playing, and overall goofing around. The side room with the hard to dance on tile floor was the place to be.

Visual evidence?
Pictures and videos are still going up, but here’s a few of my favorites from the event and of myself (yes, I’m taking a cue from Sharon on this) from photographer David Holmes. They are really really great shots. And hey! I even got a decent dance picture or two!

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