Lie To Me

First I want to thank Scott for turning me onto this awesome show.  Thanks Scott! I think I might be obsessed now.

I was on my way to Scott’s to plan today’s class listening to an old RadioLab episode about deception. And at one point on the show they were interviewing a man who’s basically a human lie detector. He reads little glitches in people’s facial expressions that are representative of an emotion the person is trying to conceal. That’s so cool. Then Scott tells me about a TV show he just started watching called Lie to Me about a guy who does just that. Ahh! it’s so interesting! Imagine always knowing when you’re being lied to. Do you call people out on it? Ummm… sometimes. But if you don’t… you still know. How would you ever be able to trust anyone? It’s really fascinating… both in the study of the lie, and the psychology of the lie detector. Like I said, I might be obsessed.

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  1. Breanna says:

    I definitely just started watching that show, too! I’ve gone through the 5 episodes on Hulu and now I just have to find the rest of the season somewhere else. It’s so good! Because it’s so interesting.

  2. Jesse says:

    Look into microexpressions and read more about Paul Ekman. This stuff has fascinated me for a while now and I want to take the F.A.C.E. training courses in it! I do agree it would be strange if you were actually good at it. Not completely sure if I would want to be or not…

  3. Joanna says:

    He’s actually the man interviewed on that RadioLab episode.

  4. Jo Hoffberg says:

    LOVE the show!!! I’ve been watching it on Netflix and Season 2 is finally up. Yeah!!!

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