Yet another redesign…

Yes, I felt it was due. Sometimes, (and this may just be me being all girly-like) I just need to update the look of this thing to help in writing- inspiration.

The new banner photo (yes, it’s me) is part of the Austin Swing Syndicate’s “Sweethearts of the Syndicate” pin-up calendar. It is a fundraising effort to get the Austin Swing Syndicate a new sound system for the Fed so our weekly dances can be extra awesome sound-wise. Right now, most of our DJ’d music sounds a little fuzzy in the mid-range. And the ballroom’s acoustics certainly don’t help. So it would be great to have a new system to help make up for that.

Here’s the original calendar photo:

Laura Glaess (Ms. December) did the awesome photoshopping of the original shots.

If you’re coming to Austin for Lone Star Championships and want to pick one up, I do believe they’ll be available for sale 🙂

Did I mention the calendar is also filled with lots of useful Lindy Hop information for the year? I mean things like local, regional, national and international events, birthdays and other dates of historical record. This thing is sweet.

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