Lone Star Championships 2011

Man, what a way to get the new year rollin’!  This was my second Lone Star Championships ever, and it was sooo good! It was going to be tough to beat last year’s awesomeness but Scott and Tena somehow pulled it off. Ok… where do I begin…

Thank you’s:
-- My houseguests (Gina, Breanna, Mary, and Andrew): You guys rock. Thanks for being as easygoing as you were, even with all our individual crazy schedules for the weekend. It all worked out and I loved hanging out with all of you.

-- Nathan Bugh: Thank you for taking the time to work on stuff with me Friday night. You gave me a peek into your dancer/musician brain and it was really frickin’ cool. I’m still trying to sift through all that information, and I feel like I will be sifting through it all for a long time but I’m glad for it. Dancing with you was super fun and I’m so honored to have been able to compete with you.

-- Dargoff: We need to have more dances! Because you sir, are incredibly fun.

-- All the awesome DJ’s: All the DJ’s were great and playing stuff that made me want to dance no matter how tired my body was, but this goes out to Peter and Naomi in Particular. Naomi played some great music during the comps, and without that I wouldn’t feel as at ease as I did this weekend. All my competition nerves go away when I hear great music. And Peter’s soul party set Sunday night was so great. I usually feel awkward during non-trad swing dances but Peter does a good job of starting the night out with some more familiar tunes that put everyone in the right mood.

-- Austin’s musicians: During comp finals, it was incredibly calming to feel that I had friends all around, even in the bandstand. When I had a spotlight (particularly during the solo charleston comp), I felt as if you guys were playing just for me. Maybe it’s just because I know most of you… but still. Thanks!

Other highlights:
-- Brooksie dancing like a wild man on one leg… I was a little scared (lest he fall and injure himself further), but damn that was inspiring.

-- Invitational Jack & Jill. Of course. Everyone loves this comp. It’s always so full of the  awesome, and ridiculous. I could watch that final all skate all day and not be bored. Air guitar battles, Karen doing grande jete’s across the ballroom, hair flips, and Dirty Dancing aerial lifts… can’t EVER get tired of that stuff.

-- Dance Central at Scott’s place Friday night. Damn that game is cool. And it was kind of great to see so many amazing and talented lindy hoppers looking awkward with weird video game hip hop moves. Just made them all a little more accesible … or whatever the word I’m searching for is.

-- Finally being brave enough to ask one of my “intimidating” leads for a dance. There are still so many leads I have yet to ever dance with and it’s all because I still fear rejection, or fear giving them a bad dance such that they might not want to dance with me again. I am working on getting over that. Asking this person to dance was a big step for me.

-- Geeking out with Mary over our shared love of I Love Lucy and weirding everyone else out. That conversation really just made me so happy.

The Invitational Jack & Jill (entire video). It’s about half an hour long, but SO worth watching over and over again.

Solo Charleston Comp… somehow, I made it to the final three. 3rd Place. 🙂

Invitational Strictly, w/ Nathan Bugh (2nd couple)

And finally, my 1st Place spotlight in the All-Star Jack & Jill with Dargoff

Aaaand from another angle (this one really shows how much Dargoff moved us across the floor and used the space.. I kinda like that.

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  1. Mari says:

    Yay Joanna! so happy to see you still shining and kicking dancer butt!

    you’re so fabulous – don’t be nervous to as ANYONE to dance just DO IT! It’s their snooty loss if they don’t say yes and have a fantastic time. And sweet props for being an all star. go you!

    ~LTNS mari

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