Retail Heaven

So this morning I got up and did my usual thing. And there was a blog post by Indiana Adams of That’s kinda normal. She updates her blog regularly. Always a fun read, and usually some useful info about where to find secret gems here in Austin at affordable prices (which I definitely appreciate seeing as I’m unemployed).  Today’s post let me in on a city-wide boutique gathering of sorts, called Le Garage Sale. All these boutique shops get together for two days only, and put out their overstock merchandise at supreme discounts. I got super excited.

I called up Teni and off we went. And boy did we feel like we won. We found a boutique with Stop Staring brand dresses! The dresses at their boutique were originally priced at $298. At best, online you can usually find them in the neighborhood of $150. We got them for $30!  We were thrilled, to say the least. Now, I couldn’t add the picture onto this post for some reason, but here’s a link to a dress I got: My new Stop Staring dress. We snagged a few other awesome finds during the day. It was great. I gave myself a budget for the event, and stuck to it, and still felt like I got everything I wanted.

Next time Le Garage Sale comes around, Teni and I are getting there nice and early, on the first day to make sure we grab the good stuff before it sells out of our sizes! 🙂  Thanks for the tip Indiana!

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  1. Jo Hoffberg says:

    Great dress and killer find!!! I doubt I’d ever be in town when this happens, but if I am, I’m coming with you!!! I promise I won’t buy anything in your size 😀

  2. Joanna says:

    You’d love this place! There are two per year, but sadly the next one is during ILHC. Looks like I”ll be waiting till 2012.

    Also, I totally won at altering that dress myself to fit me better. The skirt was way too long on me and I fixed it up! Yay! I feel so self-sufficient.

  3. […] yesterday I snagged a rare find — a Stop Staring brand vintage  dress for only $30! (See my previous post for more details on how this  came  about) But the dress was originally waaay too long on me. […]

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