Sewing is awesome!

How did I not realize this sooner?!

Being rather um, petite, I grew up with my mom or aunt or some other female relative hemming my new pants, dresses, and whatever else I may have so that it fit me better, and mainly, didn’t drag on the ground. I sort of learned some basics. I’ve been able to make really simple hems by hand in the past but they take so damn long to do that way! For a while I’ve been toying with getting a sewing machine but have been to cheap to really go into the expense.

Well, I finally got myself one, after having spent about $36 just on two simple alterations this last December. It finally hit me how much money I could have been saving if I just learned to do it myself, with the proper equipment. So yeah, I got the Singer 4423 at an amazing deal on Amazon earlier this month, and have been playing with simple hemming, and alterations these past two weeks — and I LOVE the results!

My first week, I took a dress I had of some very friendly (ie. not too delicate and scary to deal with for a sewing newb) cotton material dress and shortened the skirt on it. I hadn’t been able to wear it dancing yet because it was way too long and made me look stumpy short in my Keds.

Next I took an old jumper dress I haven’t worn in  forever because the top was always large on me (I  don’t have a long torso), and shortened the straps on  it so it didn’t poof out unattractively at the bust. I  probably won’t be wearing this dress, since it’s so old  and out of style, but it was great practice.

Then I got super excited at the prospect    that someday I might be able to make my own clothes  to fit perfectly all around, and not just fix up  individual problem areas. So I found this  beautiful vintage inspired dress pattern and bought it  right away. I have a list of the materials I’ll need once  I’ve learned enough of my basics to take on this  project. I’m also logging all of the posts of a vintage  fashion blogger as she conducts a sew-along of this  dress so I have added guidance when I need it. I’m so  excited.

Finally, yesterday I snagged a rare find — a Stop  Staring brand vintage  dress for only $30! (See  my previous post for more details on how this  came  about) But the dress was originally waaay too long on  me. I”m only 4’10”  after all. I have short legs.  Luckily, the torso needs no adjusting. But the  skirt  was a challenge. I was very very careful today as I  measured, marked,  cut, and re-sewed the bottom  flare up about 4 inches on the skirt. And voila!  It  worked!  I actually did it!

Here’s a rather poor quality photo of the end product.  I kind of wish now I  had taken a “before” shot to  show just how long the skirt landed on me.  Imagine  the lowest edge being somewhere around the middle  of my calves  or just below them. Can’t wait to wear  my new dress!

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  1. Alice Pye says:

    You look stunning in that black dress! I’m super super jealous. I’m following this sew-along on the blog I posted earlier on your facebook. It’s a super simple dress:

  2. Joanna says:

    It’s actually a marron/purple dress, but like I said, the photo is real bad. Thanks for the link to that other sew-along! I might try that one before tackling the swing dress since it seems easier to work on those dress-making techniques!

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