Gypsy Jazz rocks my socks

So last night after Brooks got back from work we went to hear Gaucho, a gypsy jazz band performing at a total dive bar in hippy-ville. It was awesome. There were two guitarists, a percussionist, an accordion player, bassist, and an “I play everything” guy. The drummer was awesome. At one point he played the drums with his foot while playing the washboard as well. Then there was the “play everything” dude. He played alto sax, cornet, clarinet, piccolo, sang, and played the sweetest instrument ever… the stick. That’s what they called it anyway. It was two pieces of wood, attached at one end and inserted into what I think was a clarinet mouthpiece. Different tones were made by squeezing the curved piece of wood toward or away from the other piece of wood. Sounded a bit like a mix between a soprano sax and a kazoo. It was awesome. I really enjoyed this band. They were also totally danceable. It made for a great first night in San Francisco.

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  1. Breanna says:

    I miss the bay area so much.

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